Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of Flow is widely known and accepted as a way to describe how you feel when you are fully focused and energised by what you are doing. In this state you are often so absorbed that you can lose track of time and be hard to be distracted away from what you […]

Throughout my work as a coach, it has become apparent to me that there are a number of reasons why we don’t spend time thinking about the life we want, let alone getting round to making it happen. People of course have many individual reasons, but there are also some very clear themes that I […]

Up until recently I never really thought about this question. To be honest I didn’t even know such a distinction existed. That’s until I discovered a game changing tool for me, and the innovative and inspiring company behind it. The tool is Strengthscope®, the company Strengths Partnership. They introduced me to the concept that you […]

What do you truly want from your working life? Now I would certainly not be so bold as to claim that I know.  However, it seems to me that when you take money out of the equation and ask people ‘What do you want in your work?’ most will say: I want to be myself I […]