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Top Ten tips for achieving Creative Confidence

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of best selling novel Eat Pray Love and expert on creativity, writes brilliantly in her most recent book Big Magic on how to live a creative life. Whilst reading through her totally thought provoking, hilarious and at times irreverent sentiments (love her for that), I realised that she wasn’t just talking to […]

How I found the courage to leap from corporate life and set up my business

When I was thinking about leaping from my 11 year stint in corporate life to set up my Leadership Coaching business, there were plenty of things I didn’t have which I could have focused on. I could have focused on my lack of any sort of qualification in coaching, leadership and running a business I […]

How 3 people turned failure to success with a ‘Growth Mindset’

People with a Growth mindset keep trying, even if they don’t achieve what they want at first. They keep going because they believe their ability, intelligence and personality are things that can keep improving.

Bit stressed? You might want to step outside!

Did you know that simply being in nature has been scientifically proven to improve your physical and mental health? Yet we don’t take advantage of this free resource as much as we could. We often see some really beneficial activities such as gardening and going for walks in nature, to be interests that are only for the […]

The No.1 New Year’s Resolution: Manage your energy not your time

How did you get on with your New Year’s resolutions last year? If you are shrinking back into your seat as you answer this question with the small embarrassed whimper of a reply – not very well! Fear not, you are not alone! Research from Time Management firm FranklinCovey found that only one in five […]

You need to Choose Your Attitude – But How?

“You need to choose your attitude” is a regularly thrown away remark that I see being flung around offices throughout the different businesses I work in. Now I know we all recognise the truth of this statement, but as Shawn Achor puts it – “Common sense isn’t always common action” …we don’t always do what […]

Resilience – How to thrive not just survive

Resilience (the ability to bounce back from set-backs and cope effectively with stress) is quite a buzz word at the moment. Yet there seems to be very few practical tools, techniques or advice on how to get this elusive yet necessary quality needed to survive in our ever changing world. Change is inevitable, and ironically […]