Top Ten tips for achieving Creative Confidence

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of best selling novel Eat Pray Love and expert on creativity, writes brilliantly in her most recent book Big Magic on how to live a creative life.

Whilst reading through her totally thought provoking, hilarious and at times irreverent sentiments (love her for that), I realised that she wasn’t just talking to the stereotypical creative types (you know the artists, writers, that kind of crowd). She was actually talking to us all! She was talking to us all because her thoughts, in my opinion, are really all about building confidence to be yourself and live the life most in line with who you are.

Inspired by this connection I decided to pull out what I think are her top ten tips to being creative. I did this because as I said, I actually think they are really top ten tips to being your most confident self with all the uniqueness and creativity that is within you.

10 top tips to achieve Creative Confidence

  1. If you don’t know how to do it, just begin, you’ll figure it out
  2. Learn to travel comfortably with your fear, if not, you’ll never do anything interesting
  3. Reactions to your work do not belong to you, so don’t sweat it
  4. Creativity is not about being useful, do it for yourself, do it just because
  5. Build space in your head for the paradox – it matters, it doesn’t matter
  6. Don’t try to be original, just be authentic
  7. Trust the process. Doubts, frustration and rejection are all part of this process
  8. Find out what you are passionate enough about that you will endure the shit parts of it, then do it
  9. Don’t burden your creative pursuits with the responsibility of paying for your life
  10. Do your bit, at least show up! Commit to it, even if there are no guarantees

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