How I found the courage to leap from corporate life and set up my business

kitten about to jump from pptWhen I was thinking about leaping from my 11 year stint in corporate life to set up my Leadership Coaching business, there were plenty of things I didn’t have which I could have focused on.

  • I could have focused on my lack of any sort of qualification in coaching, leadership and running a business
  • I could have focused on my limited source of funds.
  • I could have focused on my relative inexperience in the Leadership development & coaching field compared to other people I knew.
  • I could have focused on my introverted nature and how that doesn’t sit well with the need to go out and sell yourself.
  • I could have focused on my lack of experience in any other company other than the one I was in
  • I could have focused on all the people who were telling me it’s too risky to start a business in this economic climate

But I didn’t! Instead:

  • I focused on getting a really good understanding of my strengths and what gave me energy
  • I then focused on my strategic mindedness strength to help me make the best plan.
  • I focused on my natural abilities of empathy, listening and enthusiasm to influence people, rather than trying to be an extroverted sales person
  • I focused on how much money I needed to save and how I was going to save it
  • I focused on the relationships I did have rather than the ones I didn’t.
  • I focused on what experience I had gained over my 35 years of life and went out to talk to people about that
  • I focused on the people who had made a successful leap into starting a business in the current economic climate and stopped listening to the naysayers. (that’s a funny word isn’t it!)

And now 5 years later I am still running my own business which is thriving and growing, and more importantly so am I.

This simple shift in focus is what catapulted me into the depths of possibility that was lurking somewhere in the tips of my toes, and it really wasn’t that hard to pull off.

I found my courage by investing my time in getting to know me better, shifting my mindset around what is possible, focusing on what I’ve got and making a really well thought through plan.

So if you’re thinking “there’s got to be more to life than this”, but too afraid to take the leap, have a look at what you’re focusing on. Are you focusing on what you’ve got, or are you focusing on what’s missing? You are already standing on a mountain of value (thanks Daniel Priestley for that quote), your job is to find it and harness it.

There will be more snippets like this of my story and others on my website…. due to be launched very very soon…


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